Bekaraar Karke Hume‬‏ Yun Na Jaiye Secret Temptation Deo new TV ad mp3 download

By | December 13, 2013

Here you can get link to download Bekarar Karke Hame Yun Na Jaiye Aapko Hamari Kasam Laut Aayiye song of new Secret Temptation Deo TV advertisement. MP3 ringtone Secret Temptation Deo TV ad song.

Secret Temptation Deodrant is a product of McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. This product is for young girls and women in the deodorant space. Recently a new TV advertisement of this product is launched which is good to watch. It is good advertisement for the promotion of this product. As all deodrant advertisement have theme of love and romance, so this ad aslo have same theme. In this TV a song is also played in the background whose lyrics are 'Bekaraar Karke Hume‬‏ Yun Na Jaiye'. It is a song by Hemant Kumar from the movie Bees Saal baad of year 1962. It is one of the finest song. You can download this song ringtone in mp3 format from this website:

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