Datsun Go hatchback car 2014 TV advertisement music song mp3 ringtone download

By | January 23, 2014

Here you can get link to download music song played in latest new TVC advertisement of 2014 of Datsun Go new hatchback car Go ahead free mp3 ringtone.Datsun Go car 2014 new mp3 ringtone free download link.

Datsun has recently launched a its Go named car in hatchback section. Datsun is very old company. Before it was known with another name. Datsun is a Japanese company which was founded in 1911 by Japanese engineer Masujiro Hashimoto and established the Kwaishinsha Co. in Tokyo's Azabu-Hiroo district which is today known as Datsun company. for many years, this company was not manufacturing cars but after a long time this company has started to manufacture car again. In India also, this company has launched this new car Datsun Go which will be priced at nearly ₹4 lakhs. The main features of this cars will be: It will be 5-DOOR HATCHBACK, it will have 5 SEATS, it will have a1.2Litres ENGINE  with 5 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION and MOBILE DOCKING STATION.

For the promotion of this car, a new TV advertisement campaign is launched in which a music is played in the background and this cars is shown in different colors. If you want to download this music mp3 ringtone, use this link:

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