Shahjahanpur Government DIET selected 200 student list for BTC 2013-14 Training

By | February 21, 2014

(Shahjahanpur District) Here you can view the list of 200 students who are selected for BTC training at government DIET Shahjahanpur district for 2013-14. View list of sc,obc,male,female at Shahjahanpur DIET.

So finally counselling for Shahjahanpur District's BTC training for 2013-14 is finished on 09 November 2013. Now, its time to publish the list of 200 selected students who are selected for BTC training at DIET of Shahjahanpur District. The fees at DIET is very low so people prefer to do training at DIETs.

Well, you will be glad to know that the list of 200 selected students for training at Shahjahanpur district's DIET will be published on UPBASICEDUBOARD.GOV.IN and Shahjahanpur districts official website Shahjahanpur.NIC.IN ….

So please check these website to see the names in the list… Best of Luck!

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