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upbasiceduboard.gov.in Kanpur Nagar BTC 2013-14 merit list cut-off fees date

Kanpur Nagar BTC 2013-14 merit list, cut-off marks,fees and counselling date declared by upbasiceduboard.gov.in

(Kanpur Nagar district) Uttar Pradesh Basic Education board (U.P. Basic Shiksha Parishad) has now finished the full process of filling up the application form for 2 years Basic Training Certificate. The process of correction which was required by some applicants is also done and the final printout after correction and verfication from the DIET is finished now. 

Now its time to release the merit list and cut-off marks. If you remember, last year the merit list was declared so late by the Board so by looking at last years time, it is expected that the merit list of BTC will be declared in the last week of October since it takes lot of time in processing the application forms as the number of applicants for the course is very high.

So keep checking your newspaper for the latest updates about this topic and also this website upbasiceduboard.gov.in. The counselling will start from one week after the declaration of the merit list and the course will start from one month after the counselling.


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