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Main wo pari jisne bachpan nhi dekha Draupadi entry song Mahabharat Star Plus mp3 download

Here you can get link to download Draupadi entry background theme song Tej safal roshni ki tarah main wo pari jisne bachpan nhi dekha played in Mahabharat serial on Star Plus mp3 ringtone. Draupadi bg Bachpan song mp3 ringtone.

Now with the entry of Draupadi in Mahabharat serial on Star Plus, the show will become more interesting as she is one of the central charcters of Mahabharat epic. There is a famous story about the emergemce of Draupadi from fire. To gain revenge on Drona, king Drupad performed a fire-sacrifice to obtain a means of besting him. Draupadi emerged as a beautiful dark-skinned young woman together after her sibling Dhrishtadyumna from the sacrificial fire. She was named Kṛṣṇā for her dark complexion, though she is better known asDraupadī "daughter of Drupada". When she emerged from the fire, a heavenly voice said that she would bring about the destruction of the Kuru line.

In Mahabharat on Star Plus, the role of Draupadi is played by Pooja Sharma. Now in the 10th January 2014 episode, Draupadi is shown emerging from fire. Draupadi is emerged as grown up girl so she has not seen the childhood. In the promo this thing is shown by the song played in the background whose lyrics are: Tej safal roshni ki tarah, main wo pari jisne bachpan nhi dekha, main wo pari jiskiii apni bhagyarekha. If you want to download this song ringtne in mp3 format, use this link: http://freedownloadmobileringtones.com/latest-ringtones/draupadi-entry-theme-song-mahabharat-starplus

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