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Dronacharya Vande Dronamacharyam BG song Mahabharat Star Plus mp3 download

Download mp3 song ringtone of Dronacharya's entry background theme song Sanskrit Shlok Vande Dronamacharyam which is played in Mahabharat serial on STAR PLUS. Get lyrics of Dronacharya's bg score.

Dronacharya or Guru Dronacharya is one of the main characters of Indian epic Mahabharat. He was the royal guru to both Kauravas and Pandavas. He was a master of advanced military arts, including the Devāstras. Arjuna was his favorite student. In Mahabharat serial on Star Plus, this role is played by Nissar Khan. Whenever this charcter becomes angry or makes an entry, a Sanskrit Verses shlok is played in the background whose lyrics are: Dham dheem tanuhu sasharam dhanuhu shishyotamaha charjunaha gyanavridham tapovridham tam vande dronamacharyam, vande dronamacharyam, vande dronamacharyam.

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