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Yukti kapat chal Shakuni Mahabharat Star Plus theme bg song mp3 download

Here you can get link to download Yukti kapat chal BG background theme song – Sanskrit Shlok of Shakuni Mama's character in Mahabharat serial on Star Plus.

Shakuni is a villain character of Mahabharat epic. In Mahabharat serial on Star Plus, this role is played by Praneet Bhatt. Shakuni is a man dressed in black clothes, sporting a white beard, wearing a half-kireetam, rubbing dice in his hands often and limping slightly while walking. He is portrayed as very intelligent and sharp, but also as ruthless and lacking dharma. Shakuni is also known for taking revenge from the king of Hastinapur as his sister Gandhari has suffered a lot after she is married to the king. Shakuni is also credited as the mastermind behind the Mahabharata war. 

Whenever this character comes on screen or does conspiracy against anyone, a background song is played which is a sanskrit shlok whose lyrics are Chal raaj pratisodh atal, Yukti kapat chal, Yukti kapat chal, Yukti kapat chal. You can download this theme song in mp3 format from this link: http://freedownloadmobileringtones.com/latest-ringtones/yukti-kapat-chal-shakuni-mahabharat-star-plus

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